Wednesday, February 10, 2010

PEP REVIEW: "Rent" remains fresh in 2010

From the moment people got wind of a call for auditions for 9 Works Theatrical's production of Rent, the well-loved musical automatically became one of 2010's must-see plays. Manila had already seen two productions of Rent back in the '90s, but that did not seem to be enough for fans who called themselves "Rentheads." News of the play's restaging also sparked hope in fans who missed the past productions.

What, then, should people expect from this year's Rent?

Audiences that have already seen Rent on stage would likely base their judgments on the previous productions, but 9 Works keeps the revolutionary rock musical irresistible with its exciting cast of theater favorites and promising greenhorns. The impressive set design meets all our expectations, as it appears to be quite faithful to the Broadway setup. Those who are watching the musical for the first time should brace themselves for dynamic scenes where things seem to be happening all at once....


Catch RENT on Feb 14, 2010 8PM (sunday)
for tickets, contact Onay @ 0918.536.2116

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